All About Me

Hi there everyone

Well here goes…..Who am I? A 50 something, proud mother of 4 who has up sticks and moved from her native homeland of England to the relatively unspoilt country of Bulgaria. Did I know what I was doing when I gave one weeks notice at my job 5 years ago? Prepared for and travelled 2000 miles to start a new job I had applied for using Skype? You can bet I didn’t but hey ho. My kids were all grown up and didn’t need me breathing down their neck every minute of the day, so it was time to do something for myself. And my husband, which goes without saying. Fast forward two years and I found I didn’t want to work for ‘the man’ anymore and branched out into writing freelance. Three years further on and I’ve learnt enough and honed my craft to be in a position to offer my services to a much wider audience.

I love what I do and am more than happy that it fits in with the simple life we enjoy here in Bulgaria. In between writing articles, blog posts, web content and other pieces of literary genius I get to spend time with my rabbits and chickens. Of which you’ll hear a bit more every now and again, together with the odd photo or two. I also get to explore the beautiful Bulgarian countryside with my husband and our two dogs, learn more about Bulgarian customs, of which there are plenty, and bake to my hearts content.

So what have I got to offer? A writing service that can come to your aid, whenever you need it and it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Not that it’ll be dirt cheap either, let’s get that straight. I can write on virtually any topic, with a spot of research, provided it’s not a subject that’s too technical. Blog posts, web content, articles, how to guides, you name it I’m prepared to give it a go.

I’d also like to think I’ve created a site that people want to visit. It’ll be filled with useful information, especially rabbit, chicken and baking related. I spend hours looking at information online, and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there with the same interests as me. It’s good to see what other people are doing and share their experiences, while also explaining how I may have made some changes.

So buckle up, join me on a journey I’m still enjoying myself, and we’ll see what we can learn together. If any of you find yourself in need of a writer, get in touch, and I’ll put the ideas and words that are rolling around in your head into readable and engaging words.