Tips for Relieving Computer Eye Syndrome


Does your job involve sitting at a computer all day long? Do you spend your evenings surfing the net or playing online bingo? Computers may be very convenient, time saving, and entertaining, however, they also put your body under a great deal of strain. Not sitting properly or having an ergonomic workstation can play havoc on your body. The computer screen itself can also be a strain on your eyes. If you think your eyes might be suffering because of the hours you spend in front of electronic screens, here are some tips that will help reduce the problem.

What is Computer Eye Syndrome?

Also known as computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain the symptoms include tired eyes, strained feeling eyes, dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, shoulder and neck pain. These symptoms are caused by the glare from electronic devices and computer monitors. Research is showing that computer eye syndrome affects millions of people.

The reason it happens is that your eyes are staying focused on a close-range object, your computer monitor, for such a long time that your eye muscles become strained. They become increasingly fatigued over the course of the day and lose their ability to focus. If the condition is allowed to get worse, it can lead to increased muscle tension, decreased blinking, general discomfort, and several other symptoms.

Relieving and Preventing Computer Eye Strain

There are several things you can do if you think you’re suffering from computer eye strain. The first is to use lubricating eye drops. These will relieve dry, scratchy, and irritated eyes. The humidity levels in the room you’re sat in can also affect the dryness of your eyes. Ideal humidity is between 30 and 50%. A good routine to introduce into your working day is the 20-20-20 rule. While you’re working at your computer look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every twenty minutes. These short muscle breaks can delay eye fatigue and strain. Having your computer monitor at arm’s length and in line with your eyes will also help.

Many people use computer glasses because they’re meant to make focusing easier and require less effort. It’s possible to buy glasses online so you don’t need to worry about visiting an optician.

Having regular eye tests will mean you can get professional help for any issues that occur. Your optician will also be able to offer advice on how to reduce eye strain when working with computers.

Other Computer Related Health Problems

As well as affecting your eyes, prolonged computer use can cause a number of other issues. These include spinal problems from slouching in your chair, repetitive strain injuries in the wrists, and a general deterioration from leading a more sedentary lifestyle. Using an ergonomic mouse, a properly designed office chair and a workstation designed for computer use will make a big difference to your working day and your overall health.

You only get one pair of eyes, so it makes sense to look after them as best you can.